Qualty365 – Brand Creator with 30+ years of
Experience in Packaging and Fulfilment

Beyond creating successful products and exciting brands Qualty365 has a proven track record in packaging and logistics.
Use our long-standing experience to your advantage!

Our Brands

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We create, develop and establish successful brands

Unique Market Access

We have a global network of manufacturers that we have been working with for many years

Product development

We develop and design high-quality products from concept to production and ultimate sale

Brand Creation

We create and built successful brands that stand for excellence and customer satisfaction


Our extensive experience in the field of fulfilment guarantees our clients time-efficient and cost-effective product handling


An efficient process chain all the way to delivery at the point of sale -
our experience guarantees reliable and on time quality logistics

Multi-channel sales

We know how to distribute products across different sales channels and through our broad network

Qualty 365 at a Glance

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Our locations

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We are also present with subsidiaries overseas such as in China and have direct market access and long-standing reliable relationships with capable and trusted manufacturers.
Thanks to our international reach, we can deliver quickly and punctually to any destination.



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We use tradition and heritage as a strong foundation for a prosperous future. We are a dependable employer in the region. Decades of experience and customer relationships we have built over many years endorse what we do and make Qualty365 a partner you can rely on.

We are always aligned with our customer’s needs. Our actions are solution-oriented. Our demeanour is straightforward, reliable and responsible. Our philosophy: If you know where you come from, you can go wherever you want.

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